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QuickBooks – Why do I LOVE it? – Part 2

February 12, 2013 Posted by Lynne Moffatt

I sometimes find myself asking – Why am I so faithful to QuickBooks? Why do I love it?
In my opinion, it just keeps getting better and better! Why?

  1. Purchase/Ongoing Cost (See previous post)
  2. Network of over 5 million users worldwide
  3. Outstanding reporting and integration capabilities
  4. You don’t need to be a book-keeper or accountant to use it


Last week I covered point 1, COST

Today – let’s consider point 2, 5 MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE …

Can 5 million users be wrong?
QuickBooks is the number 1 choice of accounting software for small businesses. That tells me there’s something about QuickBooks that attracts – I’m not the only one who LOVES it.

Love it or hate it
When speaking with others about QuickBooks I find many LOVE it, but some do HATE it.  For the haters, I find that actually – either they haven’t given it a chance (using it briefly) or they haven’t been able to set it up or use it the way they should be using it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad program, it just means their set up needs a bit of TLC, and more importantly they need some training.  There’s a few essential ground rules to get the best out of QuickBooks.  If you stick to those – it won’t fail you.

Users also help to develop the software. QuickBooks have a ‘suggestion’ link within the program to post thoughts on how to make the program, or sections of the program, even better. These ideas are taken seriously and added to future releases or new versions. Bugs are ironed out and new ideas and apps are being introduced all the time.

Helpful Advice
No matter what issue I have had, or adjustment I have had to make in QuickBooks, I have done so quickly and accurately by looking up help within the ‘Live Community‘ on the web.  9 times out of 10, you are not the first to have thought of a way of using QuickBooks – and here you can be guided to a solution that’s right for you – completely free of charge.

Sleeping soundly
The network of over 5 million users, and growing network of registered QuickBooks ProAdvisors, means that if I am no longer around (for whatever reason!) my clients will NOT suffer.  Another QuickBooks user can take over exactly where I left off. – I can sleep soundly knowing this, and take great comfort in knowing that all my hard work will not go to waste.  It can be a seamless continuation.

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