Lynne Moffatt, Scottish Law Accountant - By the Books Accounting Assistance Welcome.

Choosing your accounts system and putting your accounting procedures in place can be the hardest yet most important decisions you will face when setting up or growing your business.

Many legal accounts packages focus on the control of client monies which is important, but a good accounts package must also take care of the business’ finances.

Our Scottish Law Accountants have used the UK’s leading small business accounts package (QuickBooks) and tailored this to work with client monies – you still have great control over client funds, but you can now also easily manage your business’ finances.

The basics are simple – you need up-to-date, accurate information anytime, anywhere – EXACTLY what our solutions are designed to offer. How it gets there, you can leave up to us. There is no need for you to worry.

“To assist with Law Society Accounts Rules compliance, and reduce the strain of everyday cashroom tasks.”