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QuickBooks – Why do I LOVE it?

February 4, 2013 Posted by Lynne Moffatt

I sometimes find myself asking – Why am I so faithful to QuickBooks? Why do I love it?
In my opinion, it just keeps getting better and better! Why?

  1. Purchase/Ongoing Cost
  2. Network of over 5 million users worldwide
  3. Outstanding reporting and integration capabilities
  4. You don’t need to be a book-keeper or accountant to use it


Today – let’s consider point 1, COST …

I started with this point because for many small businesses this will be the first point of consideration – before even looking at whether the program fits their needs or not.

QuickBooks offer SimpleStart, Pro and Premier versions to install on a desktop. They also offer online solutions.
(See QuickBooks website for comparisons.)

The majority of my recommendations come down to QuickBooks Pro (Desktop). Each business sector will have varying needs, but this “middle of the road” product tends to suit most firms.

The current cost of QuickBooks Pro 2013 (Desktop) is £22 per month, per user OR a single payment of £269.

Monthly Payments

-Automatic updates as new versions are released.
-Low monthly payment makes it easy for a small business to handle.

-Could cost you more in the long run (than a single payment).
-12 month minimum contract.

Single Payment

-One payment, and your version could last MANY years.
-Still receive updates within your version, until it is no longer supported.

-Not automatically updated when new features and versions are released.
-If you need to update your PC, your version may not be compatible with a new version of Windows.

Consider Carefully

Each firm should consider their own needs carefully (or ask an Expert to help you decide).  My preference when installing for a client would be a single payment for the current version. In my experience this can last upwards of 5 years (some have managed for 10 years!) and it still suit their needs.  The oldest version that I can fully support is QB Pro 2003!   (I am happy to have a look at even older versions should the need arise, but the older it is the more tricky it becomes to support.) QuickBooks stopped supporting v2003 a long time ago, so I have to rely on my own knowledge and expertise – but the program still faithfully runs for many, it hasn’t failed yet.

Think about that Cost

If you buy QuickBooks Pro 2013, for £269, and it lasts you even 5 years – that’s £53.80 per year, £4.48 per month or a mere £0.15 per day! OUTSTANDING cost and value for such a product. OK, you may need someone to help you set it up, and train you but 15p per day? – How does that equate to the cost of your time? – Value indeed!