Outsourcing your Cashroom

June 4, 2013 Posted by Lynne Moffatt

Outsourcing seems to be a hot topic with Scottish legal firms, and The Law Society of Scotland.  The following series of articles outlines points for consideration if you are thinking of outsourcing your cashroom.

  1. Could outsourcing your legal cashroom be the answer?
  2. Outsourced Cashroom – How can it work?
  3. Outsourced Cashroom – What to Expect
  4. Outsourced Cashroom – What not to Expect


Outsourcing your Cashroom
Part 1 of 4 – Could outsourcing your legal cashroom be the answer?

If outsourcing your cashroom is the answer, what is the question?

> My cashier is retiring soon, how will I replace her/him?
It is extremely difficult, nigh on impossible, to find a reliable legal cashier who aces accountancy and the accounts rules.

> My paralegal is also my cashier, we could take on more legal work – but where will we find the time?
You could increase your turnover, but cannot find the time out from other duties.

> If fear of running my own accounts did not stop me from opening my own law firm, how successful could I be?
You aspire to run your own successful law firm, but do not know where to start with Accounts Rules compliance and systems.

> I am out of the office a LOT, how can I have access to my firm’s financial information wherever I am?
By taking advantage of industry-leading software – you WILL have access to the information you need, wherever you are.