Outsourcing your Cashroom – 4 of 4

June 28, 2013 Posted by Lynne Moffatt

Outsourcing seems to be a hot topic with Scottish legal firms, and The Law Society of Scotland.  The following series of articles outlines points for consideration if you are thinking of outsourcing your cashroom.

  1. Could outsourcing your legal cashroom be the answer?
  2. Outsourced Cashroom – How can it work?
  3. Outsourced Cashroom – What to Expect
  4. Outsourced Cashroom – What not to Expect


Outsourcing your Cashroom
Part 4 of 4 – Outsourced Cashroom – What not to Expect

Whilst an outsourced cashroom will have many benefits, it will not completely remove your responsibility as Cashroom Manager (prev called Designated Cashroom Partner) of your legal firm, these responsibilities come as standard.

Pin the tail on the Solution

When outsourcing your cashroom function you should NOT expect:-

  • to be immune to Law Society audits, but we will make these as painless as possible
  • that we will manage your staff – however, we will help them as much as we can
  • to have to manage us, as you would an employee
  • to pay employer’s NIC, SSP, SMP, SSP, SAP – no incidental employer expenses that add up
  • to shell out for computer or office equipment that would be necessary if you had a cashier in-house
  • procedures to stagnate – if it can be made simpler and/or quicker, we will offer suggestions
  • to ever want to change back to a full-time in-house cashier!

Once you have tested how an outsourced, or virtual, cashroom can work – we don’t expect you to ever want to go back to having a full-time in-house cashier ever. Of course, life changes and firm’s change so if you do feel that you need an in-house cashier again – we will also make that transition as painless as possible. We can provide training and support at that stage, if  needed.

Could a virtual cashroom be YOUR solution?