Outsourcing your Cashroom – 3 of 4

June 25, 2013 Posted by Lynne Moffatt

Outsourcing seems to be a hot topic with Scottish legal firms, and The Law Society of Scotland.  The following series of articles outlines points for consideration if you are thinking of outsourcing your cashroom.

  1. Could outsourcing your legal cashroom be the answer?
  2. Outsourced Cashroom – How can it work?
  3. Outsourced Cashroom – What to Expect
  4. Outsourced Cashroom – What not to Expect


Outsourcing your Cashroom
Part 3 of 4 – Outsourced Cashroom – What to Expect

An outsourced cashroom can greatly reduce your stress levels and concerns when it comes to your Cashroom and The Law Society of Scotland’s Accounts Rules.

If you follow your initial training, you can expect:-Outsourcing Benefits

  • your outsourced cashroom to run smoothly and exceptionally easily
  • your costs to be lower than paying a Cashier’s salary – less than half is what we aim for
  • firm financial reports as often as you require, and in a format that you can easily read
  • information on any updated accounts rules or suggested ‘good practice’ guidelines
  • your Law Society accounts inspections to run like clockwork
  • suggestions to further streamline your accounts procedures
  • a helpful, straight-forward attitude to dealing with your accounts and book-keeping requirements
  • to benefit from a network of firm’s who, just like you, have outsourced their legal cashroom

Are YOU ready to benefit?